Monday, 29 May 2017

We had the BEST day ever to celebrate everyone write's week. This week we have been focusing on the legend of Robin Hood and have been using dialogue, hot seating, questioning and looking at the difference between facts and opinions! Stay close to our blog to see some of our fantastic work!

We conducted our very own Celery Experiment. We used food colouring and celery to see how water is transported through the stem to the leaves. The next day the leaves of the celery had completely changed colour! It was very exciting. We wrote predictions, our method and our conclusion into our books. 

Watching our plants grow has been EXTREMELY exciting! We water and monitor these every morning...

Look at our shocked faces!

We had a wonderful time on our trip to the Garden Centre. We got to plant our very own seeds and have been watching these grow. We also found out the names of common plants and we used our knowledge from plant adaptation when looking at plants such as a cactus - discussing how they are adapted to protect themselves and survive.