Monday, 27 March 2017

Some of our Year 2 children were chosen to attend the TNG leadership competition! The children worked really hard and we will find out our results on Thursday.... Good luck Year 2!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

We had an amazing time dressing up on World Book Day! The children really enjoyed the parade and our world book day activities! :-)

We have been working on our computer skills this term. Children have been making bar charts by entering data into an excel spreadsheet and also an online bar grapher creater. They have become much more confident with their word processing skills and have really enjoyed their computing lessons.

We had a lovely time celebrating Steijn's birthday. Steijn shared an amazing cake with us all and some birthday gifts. Happy birthday Steijn :-)

We were SO HAPPY this term when we won the cursive crown for our wonderful handwriting.

Keep it up Chihuahua class! 

Here are a selection of photographs from Science Week! During Science Week, Mad Science came and visited our classroom! We took part in lots of exciting experiments. We also made predictions about what might happen to skittles when they are placed into water. We were very shocked to see the results and many of our predictions were correct. We discussed the reasons for this. 

As our topic last term was looking at Animal Adaptation we conducted a very exciting activity in which we had to find worms outside. The worms were a variety of colours, some of these were very bright (pink/ yellow) and others were earthy colours (green/ brown). We realised that the most worms we collected were the bright worms and we discussed that it was much harder to find the earthy coloured worms as they were camouflaged. We then thought about how other animals are camouflaged in different habitats and how it makes this much more difficult for predators to find them!